Sunday, April 21st 2013
Asterisks in Formation

* After work, I came home and put my oh so sore feet up in the air and watched Wicked Tuna. I kinda love that show.

* I’m so tired by the end of one of Mike’s weekends (that’s when I cram in all my work hours) that I can hardly talk or function.

* I communicate best with yes or no questions. If you ask me something harder, I just stare and shrug. The words cannot be found.

* YES, still liking the job. Although it does mean I hear more Taylor Swift music than any woman my age should have to hear.  But absolutely no where else would be so accommodating of my desire to work only when it doesn’t affect my ability to attend all baseball games, kid functions, church, or in any other way interfere with my time with the kids. People there are pretty great. (No, they don’t read this.  Kind people.)

* Work is pretty helpful for when there are big delays with other financial arrangements.

* Furniture. Still painting it. When have energy. Working toward big sale-y event in my mom’s cute-sy neighborhood. We think her neighbors might like the kind of stuff I do.

* Reassured kids I wasn’t dating or planning on it. I didn’t know this was necessary until one day at dinner all three freaked out when one child said the word ‘dating.’  They all jumped up and scooted their chairs back and around and did this weird reaction thing that made total sense to them. None to my mother and me. We were at a restaurant. I called them all back to me and pointed out that perhaps that meant we should discuss it.  While I was at it, I reassured them that my mother isn’t dating either. They calmed down.

* They’re a bit on edge.

* As am I. For different reasons entirely. License plates all seem to have hidden messages. Ever noticed that? I try not to.

* It may be that the boys’ dad’s girlfriend is ‘about the same age and shape’ as their sister. That has the boys on edge. Just a thought.

* I haven’t met her. She’s probably lovely. But I can see how those details might confuse them. Might… seem odd. Those details are hardly anything negative or wrong… just perhaps a bit surprising to the boys. And only to the boys. I’m just glad they say she’s very nice.

* I hope they weren’t worried about my dating a young boy-child type. HA. Oh….. I hope not. I didn’t think to ask. That wouldn’t happen. Much as I adore those three boys, the last thing I’d want is another one. That probably hasn’t occurred to them.

* See? this is why I don’t blog anymore. I’m so drained of everything that it comes out sounding like this.

* Did I ever tell you the diet coke thing did NOT last? I’m drinking again.

* I’d like to write. Like, fiction write. But did you see that last ‘sentence?’

* “Like, fiction write.”

* So maybe I’m not quite ready. It’s just that there’s so much stuff that needs to be written. Too bad words and I aren’t getting along better. It’s terribly inconvenient.

* Yesterday I asked my mom to meet me behind the Hooters. I needed to give her Callie to watch for a few hours.

* Never thought I’d ask anyone to meet me behind a Hooters. For any reason. Like, ever.

* I can hardly think straight. Talk. Write. Blog.

* I’m just here because I like y’all and i miss you when I’m gone.



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April 22nd, 2013
10:26 am

some days I ask myself why life is so . . . difficult. At times. Maybe not 100% and there is some pretty good stuff in there. But still hard, at times.

Hubby has a nephew in Plainview fighting cancer. We have passed your way several times going to see him, looking for all natural ways since the doctor told him it is untreatable. See . . . hard.

Hopefully we can meet up at some point in time. I do think about you so much and the challenges that divorce (and new relationships) bring. If I could tell you the ways God has redeemed and restored certain aspects of our blended family – oh my gosh. Never in a million years would I have thought it could be not only good, but great.

Hang in there and keep putting God in the middle of it. Let Him work it out.

April 22nd, 2013
12:56 pm

We miss you too. One thing I do to try to keep my head on straight is to think of one awesome thing a day. Some days it’s much harder than others, and lately – as I come up onto the time where the doctors will tell me if the chemo has been working and the cancer is gone or..not – some days I’m dwelling on the negative too much. But I try. And often that one awesome thing keeps me going another day. Today’s awesome thing? Birthweek! And texts from you that make me smile. Hang in there K. God has you in his hands.
Mysti recently posted..A Visit to Chemo Day

April 23rd, 2013
2:46 pm

You’re a great writer and I always look forward to your blog posts. Hang in there–better days are coming!

April 29th, 2013
1:39 pm

WHAT? emailing.

YOU make me smile. And laugh. And realize how very much I have to learn, on a wide variety of topics ; )

oh thank you!! you were right. I got one of those better days Saturday.

Sharon Bernash Smith
April 29th, 2013
2:54 pm

Kelsey, your honesty and understandable disdain for the caverns of life is refreshing and so needed. I’m a cheerleader you’ve never met…A balcony clapper of hands to encourage you to keep going. I believe you will always be a writer. Love you, girl. Sharon

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