Monday, April 29th 2013
growing up

Saturday was beautiful. Gorgeous weather, bright blue sky.

I took the boys to a park with the intention of having a picnic, but they were too excited to eat.  They ran off to the water and I calculated my distance as appropriate. I wanted to be close enough so that I could hear them if they got hurt, but far enough away that I wouldn’t know if and when they did disgusting stuff. I wanted them to go be brothers. Go be adventurous. Go be wild. Fall in and get filthy. maybe climb a tree and get a tick. step on a rusty hook and need a tetanus shot. Something. Anything.

I finished my salad and curled up under a tree. The other trees around us had already leafed out but the one above me had just started. Endless brown gray branches criss crossed and intersected across the endless blue. Tiny, delicate green leaves everywhere, just starting to appear. Dappled sunlight. Boys in the distance, being boys.

It was as perfect as it could possibly be. Then a sprinkler system came on (had no idea we had those there) and I had to get up and gather stuff and run. I picked a new spot. It was as perfect as it could possibly be. For fifteen minutes. Then another sprinkler popped up.  I ran.

The boys were filthy and happy. Caden-9yr carried around a dead fish he’d found, impaled upon a half of a fishing rod he’d also found. Ethan-13yr and Seth-7yr made makeshift rods and nets with things previous fishermen had lost or left behind. It was EXACTLY what I’d been hoping for.

With the right motivation and circumstances, they can come together in  sweet, creative, encouraging ways without any input from me at all. I’m sure there’s a lesson in there somewhere for me.

Later, we were at home and there was a minor disagreement and I called  out to one of the boys, “be a problem solver!”

And then a few minutes later, “Hey! Remember when I used to say that all the time to y’all? ‘Be a problem solver!’”

They all said yes.

Then I collapsed onto my bed and laughed and yelled, “That was before we had really big problems though huh? HA! Sometime in the last year or so I stopped saying that to y’all.”


There was a long pause and then someone sarcastically muttered, “VERY funny, Mom.”

But they figured it out. Or forgot about it. And i stayed where I was and laughed.

It all worked out okay.

I’m thinking that’s usually the case with us. It’s all working out pretty well. These boys are growing up and impressing me daily with their character… I don’t exactly know how we got to this point, but I’m so grateful. It’s what I always prayed for them, but more than I ever expected so soon.  Little else matters. They’re not perfect. They’re about as obnoxious as any three boys can be. But their ability to think and reason and process and rely on their OWN faith and their OWN convictions…. I wasn’t like that at their ages.

I was definitely the ‘stab a dead fish with half a fishing rod’ type… but this other stuff? That’s impressive.




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May 1st, 2013
1:04 pm

I’m so proud of you letting them go be brothers/boys/kids. So many of us forget and try to plan our kids every minute, and never give them the chance to just be. Good for you Kelsey. You’re an excellent mom.
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