Tuesday, April 2nd 2013
Sorta Torn

I can’t possibly keep secrets from y’all so it’s best I just not say anything. Or make a total buttox of myself.  the things running through my head are not for public consumption. hence, the absence. 

I think I tore something in my left quad. Is that sentence even making sense? Do you tear something IN a quad, or simply tear  a quad? Or some other phrasing? promptly after reading Sara claiming I’d somehow inspired her fitness turnaround years ago, I decided today was IT and I’d get to a class no matter what, and once I was there I KILLED it. It was a BLT class. Butt, Legs, Thighs. Then an abs class. I love that ‘about to throw up’ workout feeling. the whole body shaking in protest thing. all of it. It was nice to get reacquainted with all of that discomfort. I hurt from my upper abs all the way to my toes, and on all sides. Awesome.

I drove home, shaky, and when i got out of the car my legs gave way and I collapsed to the driveway. oops. Then over the next three days, every movement hurt, but more on the left side and my left leg kept giving out. Just shooting right out from under me and I’d fall or almost fall. Lovely. There was soreness and sleep disturbing bruising and I’m finally walking normally again, although too afraid to push it and go workout  again just yet.

So I overdo things. What else is new? I like to ignore that voice that tells me to stop because surely that is the voice that will keep me flabby and out of shape. Ignoring it IS part of the process. But i have no idea when that voice becomes an important voice of self preservation and actually should be heeded.

There is a fine line there and I seem to miss it every time.

i hope your Easter went well. Mine was LOVELY. I spent my time with the babies in the nursery, then came home and did yardwork and read in the sun in the backyard in  a terribly unflattering pink bikini because it was THAT warm.  Then I cleaned house and was caught vacuuming naked by the neighbor across the street, who came to the door and knocked during Amazing Race and I yelled at her to hold on and then I grabbed a long winter coat (because my robe was in the dryer) and I opened the door and clutched the coat shut and she said, “you were vacuuming naked weren’t you?”

I’m not used to having neighbors who actually knock on my door. It will influence certain lifestyle choices in the future.

So glad she didn’t actually SEE me, and it was just the frantic clutching at a long winter coat that gave me away. Then I put on clothes, painted my toenails, and limped off to bed. It was kinda a great day. Hardly Easter-y at all…. but still nice.


Hope yours was Easter-y AND nice. And no one caught you vacuuming naked. Because that’s just embarrassing.



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April 3rd, 2013
8:09 am

Listen to the voice that tells you to stop! I’m no fitness expert, but I’m pretty sure that not being able to walk afterward is NOT a sign of a good workout. If nothing else, think of your boys who need you to be able to walk and drive.

Out in the country where I live, no one ever knocks on the door unexpectedly except for a little JW boy who comes round about once a year or so with his stepmom to try to convert me. That alone would be incentive enough to be sure I am always fully clothed when vacuuming. No traumatizing little JW boys!

April 3rd, 2013
6:53 pm

I’m glad you got back to a class…but take it slowly. ;) Sounds like a great class to be in tho!
I had a nice Easter too. The holiday is special in itself, but I always feel extra nostalgic about it because I had a kid born one Easter morning 14 years ago. :) Tho his birthday this year wasn’t on Easter, I always feel like Easter is his birthday too. And I love the special reminder about new life. :)

April 3rd, 2013
8:47 pm

Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey

Never, ever, nevereverneverever, do anything naked unless you are showering or doing the wild thang. I’m not even going to ask WHY in the WORLD were you vacuuming naked….I can’t imagine a good reason for that. Girl. I instead ask “Have you gone off the deep end?”

LOL. I’m dramatic today. We had a good Easter. My spring break was last week, so it was a good ending to a week with no homework. I wish the kids were out at the same time, but oh well.

Missed you girl.

April 5th, 2013
8:50 pm

I totally understand. If you vacuum naked, then you don’t get your clothes all sweaty, and you are ready to just jump straight into the shower when you finish.
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