Friday, April 12th 2013
The Lesser Known of Elvis’ Miracles

Every year the third graders bring a shoe box and create a diorama of one of Jesus’ miracles. Excellent project. Except for the word diorama.

Ew. I just can’t stand that word.

Anyway. Caden-9yr considered his miracle options and then, on the way to school, in a thoughtful and earnestly sincere voice he said, “Mom. I think I want to do my project on when Jesus healed the ten leopards.”

“He WHAT?”

“He healed the ten leopards.”

“Um…. ‘kay. I think that would be good. Perhaps this definitely does need a bit more research on your part. Good choice.”


By the time he came home from school, he was excited. He had gotten his subject matter approved AND was newly aware of the difference between a leper and a leopard. (That was a relief.) Ethan-12yr regaled him with the details of leprosy and Caden-9yr was more fascinated than ever with his miracle of choice.

“So a head could just FALL OFF a body?”

Ethan-12yr: “Well. Body parts just fall off. I don’t know about HEADS.”

Caden-9yr: “But a head IS a body part. And you said they fall off, BLOODLESSLY. Just… BAM. Gone.”

Ethan-12yr: “I think that’s more like fingers and toes.”

Caden-9yr: “MOM! CAN A HEAD JUST–?”

Me: “I have no idea Caden-9yr. If a head were to fall off, bloodless or otherwise, the person is dead and no longer a leper anyway, but in serious need of a miracle. Does that answer your question?”

Caden-9yr: “no.”

Me: “Oh. I thought it was cute when you thought they were leopards.”

Caden-9yr: “I. DID. NOT.”

Ethan-12yr and me: “Yeah ya did.”

Ethan-12yr said something about headless leopards at this point and I wandered off to find something and missed the rest of the conversation.

That night I dreamed that Caden-9yr took his completed shoebox to school and received a failing grade because there was Elvis instead of Jesus and there were ten decapitated plastic leopard figurines instead of lepers. But it was a really COOL looking project. Really artsy and textural and well done, even though it was all wrong.


I liked it, anyway.

A+ on that miracle.


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