Wednesday, May 15th 2013
Sweet Tea

It was a LOVELY Mother’s Day here. I hope yours was as well.

The Friday before Mother’s Day, the first graders invited their mothers to a tea. Seth-7yr had approached me in the kitchen a couple weeks before and hugged me and asked if “sitting with a bunch of mothers and drinking tea and talking sounded like fun to me.”

Um…. I stalled.  i mean. SURE. Who doesn’t love a  little bonus anxiety attack?


“If you’re inviting me to do that, then YES. If you will be there, I’ll be there.”

And he was. All of the little first graders came out to the hall one by one and took their mothers in by the hand. Seth-7yr pulled out a tiny chair for me, and then seated himself directly across from me.

He held my hand across the table and dimpled at me. The kids served the mommies some sort of ginger ale thing and cookies and brownies. They took turns standing and reading aloud a fill in the blank poem that they had composed for the moms.

It was during Seth-7yr’s poem that I learned that oranges are my favorite food. This was excellent insight, since I haven’t had one in 20 years at least, i had NO idea, so it’s good I was listening. (I did not correct this of course.)

The kids gave us gifts they had made, and it was SO fantastically enjoyable to sit with mommies and talk and have ‘tea’ and even though it struck fear in me that day in the kitchen when he first suggested it… those brief 30 minutes have become my favorite memory in the previous 13 years (or so) at that school.  I cried and laughed like the Neurotic Mommy the whole time, I was just SO blessed by those first graders and their sweetness.

Seth-7yr had another fill in the blank thing that had lots of fantastically inaccurate information the kids provided about their mothers. One of the sentences stated “My mom is as pretty as a _______.”

The child to the left and to the right had both neatly written “flower.”

Seth-7yr’s read “dog.” My mom is as pretty as a DOG. The mother to my left about fell out of her tiny little chair when she saw that.

I loved it. I asked him if he meant that in a really NICE way? I mean, we do have pretty dogs…?

“Yeah. Well. No.”

I waited. The mothers on each side of me tuned in as well. I wish I’d dressed a little cuter.

“It’s just that ‘flower’ is a LOT harder to spell than  ’dog.’ ”

Yes…. those three extra letters…. yes, I see. Isn’t he so CUTE?! Who knew that a lack of ability with analogies could be genetic? Made me so proud.

It’s already hanging on my bedroom wall. I’m as pretty as a dog, don’t let anyone tell ya otherwise.




5 Comments on “Sweet Tea”

May 15th, 2013
5:35 pm

Flower IS hard to spell. And you are the prettiest dog EVER. :)
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May 16th, 2013
8:06 am

I love this. Wait! Sorry, I meant to say, “I ruf this! Rooby dooby do!”

May 16th, 2013
9:45 am

Flower IS hard to spell! And it’s too common an answer for your cute kid! I love the things they say. :)

May 16th, 2013
11:06 am

How fun. I used to love those Mother’s Day Teas when my kids were in preschool. The teachers would interview the kids about their Moms and then post the sheets on the wall outside the room and you were supposed to pick out the one that was yours. I learned that “my” favorite food was usually something that was actually their favorite food or something that they had seen me eat the day before the interview! The easiest time to pick out my child’s sheet was with my youngest son. When asked what was your favorite thing to do with your Mom he had answered snuggle huggle. This was his made up word for our morning cuddle time. I still have morning snuggle huggles before school with my boys even though they are way past preschool.

May 16th, 2013
6:24 pm

Wick is still laughing out loud from hearing me read this to him. He loves you and your kids, and so do I!
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