Tuesday, June 4th 2013
“Bleachy Mad” is REALLY Serious Stuff

*The kids were in the room when I opened a credit card statement and discovered the latest fraudulent activity. It’s not something I would have otherwise planned to discuss with them. But I was justifiably, suddenly furious.¬† Unavoidable I suppose, to have to explain.

*Haven’t yet gotten to the bottom of it all. Will tomorrow. FURIOUS.

*jeana had suggested Old Yeller for the name of the yellow lizard. I laughed every time I thought about it. But NO, because surely it didn’t die.

*Pretty sure I was wrong. And it should be called Old Yeller after all.

*Although the official line I give the kids is that the lizard probably needed to move in with the neighbors for awhile since I was using so much bleach to clean up the plumbing nastiness. But he’ll probably come back.

*When I am mad, I clean. And I bleach. And I make my corner of the world even less inhabitable for little yellow lizards. So if he went next door, it’ll be longer before he can return. Since I’m all bleachy mad.

*I also look up the word ‘fraud.’ And read the definition aloud. And make sure it REALLY does apply, regardless of what some people claim because DANG I’m mad. And a nerd. A mad nerd. Who likes words.

*if you use someone else’s credit card to rent a car for business purposes, without that person’s permission, it is FRAUD. ¬†Yeees. It is. And I don’t really see any way around that.

*I combat credit card fraud with bleach and shouted clarifications of definitions and context. It makes PERFECT sense to me.

*My kids led devotional and prayed tonight since I was doing my Angry Staring thing and couldn’t possibly discuss Daniel, as requested.

*Unless they needed someone to pretend to be a lion and roar, and then yes, i TOTALLY coulda pulled that off tonight, EASY.


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June 5th, 2013
11:59 pm

I’m sorry about the fraud and I do hope you get to the bottom of it without raising your blood pressure! I may be making wrong assumptions here but I really hope things improve all around with the guy whose name we aren’t supposed to use in this blog.

June 9th, 2013
12:05 pm

File charges. Make them stick. Raise a BIG stink, because you know he is just going to say you should keep quiet about his unacceptable behavior, and man, I would do it just to make him yell! (and to stop him from doing it again).
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