Monday, June 17th 2013
Skirting Issues

A few weeks ago I was BEYOND thrilled at the idea of what I thought would be the PERFECT job for me. Surely this was GOD.

I applied. I was hopeful. VERY hopeful. And when I was so ‘hopeful’ in the middle of the night that I really couldn’t sleep, I bought the PERFECT skirt for that job. I called it my ‘faith skirt.’

Because that sounds better than my ‘counting chickens before they hatch skirt.’

Two things are important here:

1) The skirt is GORGEOUS.

2) I did not get the job.

So i decided it is going to be called my Faith Skirt anyway, and it just awaits another kid schedule friendly type office job that I just have not found yet. I hung it next to my Secret Mermaid outfit on my closet door.

(and, sidenote, my mother tells me, quite belatedly, that the Plumber Guy I Did Not Lick had to go into my bedroom to look for something and SAW my secret mermaid outfit and was apparently so affected by it in some way or another that he did not find what he was actually looking for – right next to the Secret Mermaid outfit.  I wish I did not know that this happened.)

I love the people I work with. And NO WHERE ELSE ON EARTH would any workplace be as accommodating of my custody schedule as this sweet store.  However. I do feel it is probably not too gripe-y to point out that no, I am not a natural fit with retail.  I can do it, and do it well. I like to make people feel as if they are SO welcome when they come in, no matter where I am.

Well, I mean, except my house. Don’t be coming into my house. No one is welcome here, leave me alone, and don’t go snooping in my mermaid wardrobe.

But if we are both at the gym and you are nervous looking, I will chat you up just so you feel comfortable and accepted. If you are lost in a store, i will  talk to you. Not because I want to or need to do this for ME. I wish you weren’t there. But since you are, I want you to feel at ease. It’s not exactly hospitality. It’s something much less… nice. I’m not sure what to call it. Obligatory friendliness, maybe.

I was raised to smile at people when we passed. My father takes it a step further and waves at other drivers he doesn’t know and nods his head or says hello. Even though I’m pretty sure he has social anxiety issues too. THAT’S JUST WHAT YOU DO.

(hey, Daddy. I think you have social anxiety issues too. Have i ever told you that? i think i get it from you. but you handle it all better than i do.)

Anyway. Helpful to be that way in retail I suppose. Goes a long way. But if I had a job that allowed me to wear cute shoes that didn’t hurt and there was office-y stuff to do WHILE kids were at school…. okay, I’d like it better. I admit it.  I’m looking. Just in case.

Have skirt, will wear.

I just texted my dad and asked if he thought he has social anxiety issues.

Oh, and guess what? if you go in a store and the girl who works there points out what you’re looking for instead of walking you over like a toddler and handing it to you, do not be offended. do not wonder “why does she not WANT to do her job?” I used to think like this.

ha HA! i really did.

Now I know better. That girl is probably beyond grateful for her job, wants to do her job, and loves her coworkers. However, she has been standing on concrete for 8 hours in ballet flats and her feet are KILLING her and she actually CAN’T move. She’s positively numb. So instead she smiles and points and prays about jobs where she could sit on her butt instead. And wonders if she’s being ungrateful for doing so.

But. There ya go. Now we know.


My dad has not answered my text.

I sent another one.

And another one.

I shall not be ignored.

Then he seemed to intentionally misunderstand and think I was linking that social anxiety question to something earlier. And then about something ELSE earlier. And then he said, no he is fine because he avoids all that.


Then he took me all serious as if maybe I were in need of a real father daughter text analysis and he wasn’t quite doing his job. Asked all kinds of questions and like, tuned in. I was just thinking how much alike he and I can be. And that’s kinda all it was.

Love ya Daddy.



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June 17th, 2013
6:32 pm

No picture of gorgeous skirt?!
Tracy recently posted..The One With the Pursuit of Happy – No Complain Mondays

Holly MiMi
June 17th, 2013
10:30 pm

You are your Daddy’s girl! Your wit, thoughtfulness, sense of humor, & fear of spiders, I love you both!

June 18th, 2013
2:36 am

It’s 2:20 a.m. And I just almost woke up my kids, because your father’s response forced me into sudden, uncontrollable laughter. This makes me wish you were on Facebook more because I think you would be tickled by all the posts I have written regarding Scott’s insistence on talking and interacting with every human on the planet and my…not.

I’m just nit the kind if woman who tends to socialize. I tend to lean on old familiar ways. ;-)

June 18th, 2013
2:37 am


June 18th, 2013
12:20 pm

Obviously that wasn’t the perfect job for you, but I have no doubt God has one in mind for you. I’ll be praying he shows it to you soon!
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June 18th, 2013
8:18 pm

Wick and I wave at other drivers all the time, and speak to anyone we pass in public. Maybe it’s just a small-town thing. Or maybe we also have some kind of social anxiety that we never suspected.
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June 24th, 2013
12:31 pm

Nope. it’s cream and lacy and tiered and textural and exposed zippery and super on sale ish though!

holy mimi,
AAWWWW, thank you! Love you too.

ha! yes. and then daddy was all, “what? everyone feels uneasy like that in those situations.” And i said, “Um no. Some people ENJOY that crap and seek it out. Like the people who are hosting the function” and he was FLOORED. He’d never considered that I don’t think.

Girl, you ARE still crazy after all of these years! (in the best way)

thank you!!

No. No you two do NOT have any such thing. : )

June 25th, 2013
7:56 am

I did retail for a while and I SO get what you’re saying. I’d try to be friendly and inviting and helpful but then social anxiety would take over without warning and suddenly I’m standing there knowing that I know the answer to the customer’s question but absolutely unable to think of it because my mind had gone utterly blank. Ugh.

Will pray that you find a job that is more suited to your needs. (Mowing the lawn has sort of become my “praying for Kelsey” time since I mow in paisley patterns which reminds me of how you do the same and somehow that translates to praying.)

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