Wednesday, July 31st 2013
Sand Surfing: A Brief, What Not To Do Guide

Okay. Sand surfing. There’s a right way to go about it.

And there’s what we did.


Right way:

go to Monahans State Park when the sand is cool. This enables the actual surfing to occur. I do not understand the science behind that statement, and I will not pretend otherwise. Wear athletic/tennis shoes and socks.

What we did:

go to Monahans State Park when the sand feels as if it has been freshly roasted in hell.

wear flip flops.

burn the flesh right off your feet.

try to surf.

can’t budge.

that’s because – I THINK – the plastic of the surfing equipment is being melted and you can’ t slide.

be sure one child loses a flip flop deep in the burning sand and it cannot be recovered.

that way you will be forced to strategize an exit strategy and rescue effort for how to get the child back to the car with only one flip flop. walking across sand is not an option. carrying the child is not an option. hopping is not an option  - it’s too far.

you can approach it as a team building exercise.

that’s easier if two brothers do not abandon the one shoe-d brother in order to get themselves a drink. “Um. We are parched.”

Excellent use of the word ‘parched.’ Now let’s discuss never leaving a brother behind. And then rescue him.

It took thirty minutes I think.

It involved one brother taking the stranded brother my flip flops. The rescued brother wore the girly flip flops safely across the sand and then got in the car and griped ungratefully about how painful they were.

Ignored this.

Turned the a/c on high on the floor vent option to cool our red hot feet and drove back home.

i took a two hour bath.




But that was only day one. The next two days we continued our adventure and we conquered firebuilding  and bobcats and fishing and public restrooms and camping. I’ll get to that soon enough. The next two days were fantastically more successful than the sand nonsurfing. We’d TOTALLY go back and do the next part of our trip again, bobcats and all.


3 Comments on “Sand Surfing: A Brief, What Not To Do Guide”

Jenn Sullivan
August 1st, 2013
10:44 am

I love Sandboarding! It’s been years since I’ve gone, but I used to all the time. Yes, you must go when it’s cool. Wear pants, goggles, long sleeves. Sand burns hurt! Face planting in sand while sandboarding also hurts. You can get going pretty fast. I’m texting you a pic of my board! : )

August 4th, 2013
12:36 pm

Hi Kelsey!
You could have saved yourself a whole lot of disappointment with one visit to our web site.
Dr.Dune’s HOT wax is for hot to very hot sand and will make the sandboard slide easily down the dune. Use a real sandboard not a snow board, plastic disc or similar. Real sandboards have a base material made for gliding over sand so you get great rides each time. Wear socks, preferable polyester socks as this not only kills any heat sting but they also have a weave so tight it keeps the sand out as well.
Yes, cooler sand glides better than hot sand as the atoms are more active with heat so increase the friction. Morning and evening are good times to ride summer sand but any overcast day or less than full summer sun day is fine.

Jenn Sullivan
August 13th, 2013
12:50 am

Dr. Dune is the wax I use, think it might be the only wax available? We did use it on my sisters snowboard with ok results, but not as good as the sandboard…

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