Sunday, July 7th 2013
Wet Sock Roadtrip

i took a little trip. it was planned.

it did not go as planned. and yet, it was still SO good and i’m so glad i went.

took the boys to see my dad and stepmom. boys had been ill.

halfway there, i realized i had a fever. felt awful. i had caught the horrible thing the boys were trying to recover from. surprise. i do not often get sick. i did not see this coming.

the fever hit right around the time i tried to drive off with the gas pump thing still attached to the car. it snapped me back with surprising strength.

i reversed, disconnected, made large conversation across parking lot with another mother who had seen it and was laughing at me. we waved when i finally drove off.

by the time i arrived at our destination, i was really dizzy. HolyMimi took the boys inside and my dad took me to a clinic where the doctor said i absolutely should not be driving.  Hmm. Yes. okay. well. my dad is driving now.

the doctor gave me upper respiratory stuff and steroids and offered me the anti-dizzy stuff which i turned down for some reason i really can’t remember now. i should probably not have done that. i think i said, ‘oh no. i don’t need that. it’s not that bad.’

then i flopped around my dad and stepmom’s house like a wet sock for a few days.

i did not mow pastures.

i did not help in any way with anything at all.

i did not walk around pretty nature-y places.

occasionally i walked VERY slowly to some outdoor point and then sat for a really long time and then tried it again. until i made it back to the house.

i ATE. you can’t go there and not eat amazing food, regardless of how you feel. it’s impossible.

we made it home today.

and then i realized i forgot my bag that had my divorce decree (YES i needed to take it) and all of my medicine that was almost about to start helping me recover from being Wet Dizzy Sock Girl.

also, wheat grass for holycousin to grow for her cat. i forgot that.

and a book.

on a fascinating theory about releasing physically held tension and trauma.

at least i think it’s fascinating.

i may have a bit of ‘physically held tension and trauma.’

i bet you do too.

i hadn’t read the book yet.

when i get all worked up about divorce stuff and legal stuff, i sorta tend to get sick. there’s much of all of that. even though i’m divorced. even though it’s supposed to be done. i’m opening this can of worms, no regrets, forcefully, again, like right now. BAM.

the outside of me still looks like a lifeless sick sock. But it’s just a really great disguise for the ready warrior within.

yes really.

HolyMimi sent amazing food home WITH us in a cooler.

Im set.

turns out i really don’t like fireworks. do y’all? I don’t know what it is. i’ve fought this realization for awhile.

i just…. don’t. so…. over the top. ha. yes. over the top. and expensive. and bang-y loud.

but the sparks above the campfires my dad makes… winding their orange trails up into the inky sky? ooooh. well. that’s absolutely captivating.

i’d take that over fireworks any day.

i got to stare at those gorgeous flecks for hours the last two nights.

i had s’mores.

the boys ran free and wild all over the place and did not hurt each other with machetes. they cleared brush. they mowed. they hauled trees to burn piles. they did everything i wanted to do and ¬†couldn’t.

i had to sit and watch. and then sit. and watch. and then sit and watch some more.

and THAT was really good. i wasn’t fighting them for the mowers or the tractors or the coolest dirtiest jobs….

they got them all.

it was their turn.


i love s’mores.





it was good.


4 Comments on “Wet Sock Roadtrip”

July 8th, 2013
6:07 am

I hope you’ll feel totally better soon. Get new medicine…have the divorce decree and other stuff mailed…let your cute boys wait on you hand and foot [back to the Princess thing...surely if you're sick they can be guilt-tripped into it. ;) ].

July 9th, 2013
7:16 pm

BLess your heart. Hope you feel better soon. I love the ccampfire sparks, but also love fireworks, which we watched from the boat dock. Our weather was so great–dry and low 90s, wonderful for 4th of July.
Jan recently posted..Update: Trim Healthy Mama

July 10th, 2013
10:47 am

thank you!! HA! those boys are lucky to have just survived me this week!

fireworks from a boat dock… sounds pretty. reflections in the water, too? That would be lovely.

July 12th, 2013
1:43 pm

Sounds like your body was basically telling you, “Enough with the stressing out. You are going to relax now whether you like it or not.” Glad you were in a place where you could do so.

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