Tuesday, November 5th 2013
Who Are You Calling a Woman?

Ethan-13yr came home from school early with a fever and I took off work to stay with him. At his request. (How sweet is that?)

In the car on the way home, Caden-9yr and Seth-8yr noticed that their older brother was not there and questioned me until learning he had gone home ill.

“Did he throw up?” Caden-9yr wanted to know.

Before I could say ‘no,’ Seth-8yr said, “YOU ASKED A ¬†WOMAN THAT?!”

Caden-9yr said, “Yes. Yes I did ask a woman that.”

Seth-8yr, “I can’t believe you did that.”

Caden-9yr, “There is nothing wrong with asking your mother if your brother VOMITED. Nothing wrong at all with that.” He enunciated ‘vomited’ and dragged it out so it was like “VAAAAAWWWW-mitt-ed.

Seth-8yr, “Oh. Okay.”

Caden-9yr, “I think you were confused. You never ask a woman how much she weighs, how old she is, or if she’s pregnant. But you CAN ask your mom about your brother.”

Seth-8yr, “Oh. Thank you. How old are you, Mom?”

Me: “38.”

Caden-9yr, “Seth!!!”

Seth-8yr, “WHAT!? Are you calling your mother a WOMAN?”


And at that point we were in the driveway and I had a headache and I got out of the car and left them to continue this discussion on their own.

And… I’m sure they did.



6 Comments on “Who Are You Calling a Woman?”

November 5th, 2013
8:53 pm

I think sometimes our boys cannot comprehend that we have a life/identity apart from being their mom. :) Hope the headache is better!

Holly MiMi
November 8th, 2013
11:06 pm

Outta the mouth’s of babes! We love y’all!

December 10th, 2013
3:36 pm

Miss your posts. Hope you’re doing well.
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December 13th, 2013
8:13 am

Hoping that you and your boys are doing well and getting ready for a wonderful Christmas.

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