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Rainbow Debris. EVERYWHERE.

January 12th, 2014 at 10:12 am » Comments (18)

The Rainbow Loom has taken over this home. It’s that plastic peg thing that kids are making rubber band bracelets on…? OH. It consumes all waking hours here. And sleeping ones.

I woke up twice last night because I had little rubber bands sticking to my skin because they had gotten loose in my bed and then it was affecting my dreams. The rainbow loom requires approximatley 1.3 billion tiny rubber bands per user. And we have 2 addicts currently, so that’s approximately 2.6 billion rubber bands in this home right now.

But there are definitely advantages. Caden-9yr and Seth-8yr work together quietly and happily for hours at a time every day. Caden-9yr gets so consumed with it all that he stays out of everyone’s business. It is BIZARRE not to have Caden-9yr in everyone’s business all the time. I mean, house dynamics totally flipped out when that happened.

Ethan-13yr griped one day that he wouldn’t have gotten in trouble for something one day if Caden-9yr had just been IN HIS BUSINESS like he usually is. Weird thing is, that conclusion was completely correct. But his brother had gotten up early for school, gotten himself ready, and allotted an hour and a half to peaceful bracelet making in his room alone and had no interest in anyone else’s drama for once.

He can stir up trouble even like THAT. He’s good, that one.

I’m currently wearing a bracelet that each of them made. One is a waterfall. Whatever that is. And one is a bowtie switchback. Whatever that is. But they’re pretty. All the bracelets that come out of this home have brown and black dog hairs interwoven with love into the pattern. It’s a bonus feature.

I’m refraining from telling them that their dad is numerous child support payments behind and maybe they want to sell those hairy things on ebay to help replenish their supply.  But I won’t.

I have to tear them away from this to take them to church. Wish me luck.

Happy Polar Vortex Day, Y’all!

January 6th, 2014 at 9:43 am » Comments (8)

I hope you’re all WARM today. I am. I dropped off kids at school – taking dogs with me so they didn’t have to shiver outside while i was gone – and now I have blankets and a cat and hot coffee with Girl Scouts Thin Mint creamer in it, OH WOW. Coffee that tastes like liquid cookies. Mmmmm.

A couple of days ago Caden-9yr said, “What’s a polar vortex anyway?”

And immediately Seth-8yr answered, “Oh, that’s my new deodorant.”

We all looked at him. “Yep.”

“No, honey. That’s Old Spice ‘Wolfthorn’. Not polar vortex.”

My boys will voluntarily use deodorant from the Old Spice “Wild” series. One has a wolf, another has a fox, and I think one has an eagle. I think it’s weird marketing to put wild animals on something that should PREVENT you from smelling like one, but i don’t care as long as the boys use it because WOW, but these three are in THAT collective phase. I don’t think it ever ends, either. So Wolf Deodorant is fine.

Or Polar Vortex deodorant. Whatever. All the same to Seth-8yr.

Lately I am a flurry of motion.


I haven’t been that in YEARS.

It feels good.

There’s a lot of working out and cleaning and organizing and de-cluttering and cooking and laughing and suddenly the whole Life thing just clicked and I snapped back to who I really am. I’ve been here, but kind of stuck or massively slowed by the fog of what has been my life. But now it’s FINALLY really okay and I’m no longer putting forth huge efforts for each small task that has to be done. I trip over my words and my plans and my goals and my ideas and my prayers and my weird little acts of worship because there’s just so MANY of all of them and it’s hard to fit them all in to each day.  There’s so much living I haven’t been UP to doing and now I can’t help but try to catch up.

I stopped with the diet coke.

Everything looks and feels and seems so much better. (not because of the absence of diet coke. that sentence is just there because i thought of it then. see? i’m tripping all over everything and throwing it all out there in whatever order makes sense in my head at the moment.)

I’m learning TONS about money and finances and credit and credit scores and realizing how truly terrible all such decisions were in my previous existence.  I guard my growing credit score and am constantly on the lookout for threats. And there ARE the same usual suspects. I protect it fiercely and it’s jumped almost two hundred points in the last year.  

Bet you didn’t know that was possible, right?!

Yes. Well. Last year when my (not yet) landlord said  he was considering me as a renter but, well, in all the years he’s been in business he’s actually NEVER seen a credit score as low as mine. YES I KNOW. THANKS. (It started with a FOUR. Yes. As in 4. FOUR. And I took very small consolation that Claude’s was even lower.)

Fortunately  the landlord guy and his wife knew my boys and I were the ones for this house anyway, despite my stupid low, starts with a 4, number. (Thanks, God!)

I have so many things to do. And accomplish. And say. And feel. And think. And pray. And live. And today? So do you. Don’t opt out because of the cold  or because of your credit or your clods or anything else.

Love y’all.  




Deu 30:19 NIV

This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live