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In the Armpits of the Angels

April 2nd, 2014 at 3:34 pm » Comments (16)

Life around here is… kinda going WELL.

House: getting cleaner and more organized and less cluttered every day. Thank you FlyLady. I resisted you forEVER. I surrender all. Gladly.

Car: DIFFERENT!  YAY! Got an amazing offer on previous Marital Vehicle and into a cute little used SUV that is very me.

Kids: Tall. Why are they so TALL?

Pets: Mostly good. Duke broke his neck but is doing okay. It’s a long story.

Money: Thank God for Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University. I was halfway through it when the regular lateness of ex provided legally mandated funds kicked into overdrive. The kids got self conscious about taking lunches filled with foil packets. (“But we’re out of baggies. And you can’t EAT baggies, so I”m not going to buy them.” Tough lesson.) And learning what it really means to know and trust that your provider in this world… is God. And fortunately for us, God is bigger than any one person or set of decisions. THIS has been my favorite part to see play out.

I’m still not social. So people I barely knew or didn’t know at all suddenly started accosting me and asking if they could give me extra food. They didn’t know my circumstances. It was simply more convenient for them – for a variety of reasons – to unload food on  me. Thank you, God.  A neighbor who was moving cleaned out her pantry, freezer, and refrigerator. Brought it all over. She thought it was silly that I have this many kids and don’t really drink. There would have been a fully stocked liquor cabinet to go with it all, if I’d only agreed to help carry the bottles.

My sweet little quiet street turned into chaos when the same neighbor’s home hosted an estate sale. Two different days were perfect for throwing stuff on the lawn and trying to sell everything I could. Thank you, God!

Another day a woman walked past me at work, reversed, asked if I liked garlic bread. And then she gave me THREE huge loaves.

Later that day someone asked if I would please take a candle off her hands. I’m really picky about candle scents. And you can’t eat candles. But I agreed and had to laugh at the scent. “Angel Wings.”

Have you ever wondered what Angel Wings smell like? Sort of musty. And a little bit berry. As I drifted off to sleep that night I thought about how under angels’ wings is exactly where we’ve been. Held closely, tightly, sheltered and protected and loved. 

The bills were all paid on time. Thanks to the divine provision given to us by strangers. And the money made through impromptu garage sales. And extremely tight budgeting. I’m taking on every odd job that comes my way and fired and hired a new attorney. No borrowing necessary. God is GOOD.

Today I was stunned when Claude’s assistant brought by some of what he owes. He’s missed… 4, 5, or 6… (?) child support payments. I was not expecting any funds from that man ever again.

I did not answer the door to the assistant and say, “Ohmygosh. You work for a financial advisor who does not pay child support. You poor thing, is that a moral conflict for you?”  It crossed my mind. Or, “Has your boss been paying YOU for the last few months? Because his kids have lost some weight.” But I didn’t.  It doesn’t matter. And I figure I just would have felt even worse for her afterwards if I HAD said that.

So with a huge smile on my face, I bought dog and cat food. I bought BAGGIES. Seth-8yr had wanted a new toothbrush for the last month. These are things that HAPPENED today. I went up and down aisles and silently constantly thanked God that these small needs were being taken care of today. I bought the food the kids WANTED. Not more of the stuff we learned to like because people gave it to us.

We are so grateful and blessed that God’s timing is perfect. HIS provision is creative and endless and perfect.

 I’m GOOD, y’all. I smell a little musty and berry-ish, but it’s my new favorite scent anyway. 


Love you. : )