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AND? we finally picked a Family Song, 2014

June 6th, 2014 at 12:01 pm » Comments (17)

SO quickly, here.




Seriously. Tell me, please.

(Spoiler alert: One of you is pregnant. YAY! )


Fast updates:

so I hit a cow.

the cow died.

the cute little car is being fixed. it’s not so cute right now.

it’s the brown fur embedded in it.

and the blood.

that make it not so cute.

right now.


the kids are at camp.

all three.

good grief but it is quiet.

the air conditioner broke.

it was 106 a couple of days ago.

getting a new one.


ohmygosh i’m glad the kids are at camp and not here.

they would not be quiet about it.


i wouldn’t be either.

except i’m a grumpy mess without energy to complain.

from the heat.

about the heat.

you know.

no Miami Heat jokes here. nope.

not appropriate.

I’m all sympathy, LeBron.

it is HOT in Texas. No question.

San Antonion, AND at my house.

too hot for thighs.



off to target. where there is cold air.

and spinach by the bag.

and artichokes in cans.

and probably not cows, standing in my way.


love y’all.


Song: For King and Country’s “Fix My Eyes”